Saturday, 8 October 2011

Oh my wow, please dear like minded friends of mine, please watch this, allow it to touch you on a higher level, this is truely amazing. The feelings thoughts emotions I have just felt from listening to this and connecting with the words.WOW. It makes sense It has confirmed what I already knew to be true. Did any of you see jupiter a couple of nights ago? It was so clear in the sky, and as I looke...d at it with a friend we both felt the same feeling. the sense that this planet was special, we could feel a sense of peace, but didnt know why. So me being me had to research this amazing planet, and I came across two videos. I will post the other as well. I had feelings that this planet had something to do with source and jesus, and healing etc, I knew and felt so strongly that this palnet was highly important and special. It is fifth dimensional, linked to the ascended masters, the Intergalatic council from whom I originate from, and so much more.